How to enable multi-factor authentication on your account.

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a security feature that helps protect your Go365 account and your password. Here's how you enable multi-factor authentication for your Go365 account.

  1. Download an Authenticator app such as "Google Authenticator" or "Microsoft Authenticator" from your app store.
  2. Click Profile in the left navigation of your screen.
  3. Click Authentication.
  4. Click Setup Now.
  5. Scan the QR code with your authenticator app and click Next.
  6. Enter the OTP generated by your authenticator app.
  7. Click Verify to enable the two-factor authentication.

Note: After you've turned on multi-factor authentication (MFA), the Go365 account can only be access using the OTP generated by the authenticator app. If you encounter issues using the multi-factor authentication (MFA) to login, you may access your account using the backup codes. Learn more about recovery backup codes.